Mini Countries Abroad: How Embassies Work

15. mai. 2019
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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
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Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

  • Hey all, I hope you enjoy this video. As a little shout-out, I'm filming behind the scenes at Heathrow today. If you want to see a little of that, make sure to check out my Instagram here: (warning: that'll be a face reveal)

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    • *Only 18* 👇👇👇

      Aris LopovaAris Lopova12 dager siden
    • @Gipsy Danger is u

      Avir SinghAvir SinghMåned siden
    • 4:13 “hanged” not “hung”

      kulwantbkulwantbMåned siden
    • As a person in the foreign service community, this makes me happy.

      Zhen ShopsZhen Shops2 måneder siden
    • Wendover Productions hello

      Rafael AlvaradoRafael Alvarado4 måneder siden
  • Superior: shoot that man as he's exiting the embassy Man: With all the respect sir, i watched Sam from Wendover when i was little and its against the law to do that and technically the building is called a chancery

    Teo BiquirTeo Biquir8 timer siden
  • Brother, you've got Pakistans map wrong. You are showing some territory which does not belong to them. Please get your fact corrected.

    Rahul SuranaRahul SuranaDag siden
  • Then there's the embassies in London which are almost all exactly the same.

    bluelazy123bluelazy123Dag siden
  • 1:38 That’s not where Palau is...

    RrykiRryki2 dager siden
  • The pin on Palau is wrong. :)

    Alodia Ivy TenebroAlodia Ivy Tenebro3 dager siden
  • My aunt and uncle work at us embassies

    Lonely Potato666Lonely Potato6665 dager siden
  • Great to see a few embassies here in The Hague! HMU if you ever need more The Hague footage, monsieur Wendover.

    RB BRB B6 dager siden
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    Johnson RobertoJohnson Roberto7 dager siden
  • I have a friend that works at the Ft. Benjamin Harris payroll building. They handle payroll for the Air Force, government employees and contractors. He told me that the money some of these contractors overseas make is just insane. Like $280k per year, and it's all tax free because they're out of the country over half the year or whatever the threshold is. Even a G14 or G15 government employee has a base of approx $100k and with overtime and expenses and bonuses can easily reach $200k. Big money.

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  • Couldn’t Assange have been protected if he was given a ride on a Diplomatic vehicle.

    Brucie DahlBrucie Dahl8 dager siden
  • Well documented video but you forgot one point most of the spies of other countries are also hosted in embassies

    Usama AsgharUsama Asghar8 dager siden
  • If you don't want a coup d'etat, you better don't have an USA embassy in your country.

    Soushi TsuwabukiSoushi Tsuwabuki9 dager siden
    • Then the same counts for China, Russia, France, Britain, Germany, and much more.

      Ladey BabeyLadey Babey7 dager siden
  • Hearing this man mispronounce Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, etc.. hurt me.

    Jay JohnsonJay Johnson10 dager siden
  • if they go rogue just stop giving them food

    NovaAgeNovaAge10 dager siden
  • what's the difference between WP and HAI?

    NovaAgeNovaAge10 dager siden
  • correct the map of pakistan, you have included Indian territory as theirs of J&K

    Ajit YadavAjit Yadav10 dager siden
  • Embassies will be important untill earth is destroyed

    mayank goyalmayank goyal11 dager siden
  • Palau or palawan (philippines)1:40

    Philippines PinasPhilippines Pinas11 dager siden
  • Whenever you go on holiday you represent your own country.

    Alan PartridgeAlan Partridge12 dager siden
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    Jerome PetersonJerome Peterson12 dager siden
  • Why other countries allow North Korea to have an Embassy in their country is beyond me >:(

    UtareangaraUtareangara12 dager siden
  • 5:50 ambassadors drive politics and run government in Nepal like indian embassy

  • One quick note: the majority of people that work within an embassy are not diplomats from a foreign country. Rather, most employees are citizens from the host country.

    EverettBurgerEverettBurger13 dager siden
  • ❤️

    Twerk NationTwerk Nation14 dager siden
  • My life is more important than the money

    K dawgK dawg14 dager siden
  • the european union and belgium 😂

    Ghost BOOGhost BOO14 dager siden
  • There is DPK embassy in Nigeria also .

    Henry OkoHenry Oko14 dager siden
  • I love how some US embassies are literal military bases.

    Virginia Lover ProductionsVirginia Lover Productions14 dager siden
    • @Roses & Prog you're dodging the part where libya was not invaded. Gaddafi was horrible, but Libya was honestly better before the revolution. The oversight of yours shows you are very poorly informed. And what you said earlier about Tianamen makes no sense. "Internal affairs" are when a country falls into an economic crisis, not when the government orders thousands of protesters who wanted freedom to be shot dead. Some countries need others to stand up for them. If you're gonna keep ranting about the "atrocities" America committed, (there have been some, but you overestimated the number) please give me citations. Please don't interpret this as me trying to be hostile. I would rather have a civil conversation.

      Virginia Lover ProductionsVirginia Lover Productions6 dager siden
    • @Roses & Prog these are baseless conspiracy theories. Take in mind most of these deaths were accidental or done by the terrorists

      Virginia Lover ProductionsVirginia Lover Productions6 dager siden
    • @Virginia Lover Productions You don't invade whole countries, kill insane numbers of innocent civilians, poison the soil with uranium and stay ten years to catch one man, makes no sense, think a little, those countries were invaded for financial reasons, ism was just the boogieman. Lybia was bombarded back to the stone age, it's worse than troops. If you think you have the right to mess up countries all around the world you are part of the problem, the US is the most evil and dangerous empire that ever existed, spending way more o the military than on it's own people clearly shows that your government has been taken over by private interests that only care about profits, the people? What people.

      Roses & ProgRoses & Prog6 dager siden
    • @Roses & Prog there was no Libyan invasion i don't know where you got that from. Afghanistan was provoked due to a crime against the American people, and the perpetrators were hidden away in Afghanistan. With Iraq, Bush was under the false assumption iraq had taken part in 9/11 and that they had weapons of mass destruction

      Virginia Lover ProductionsVirginia Lover Productions6 dager siden
    • @Virginia Lover Productions Iraq, Lybia, Afghanistan were not wars, they were invasions, a crime against humanity.

      Roses & ProgRoses & Prog6 dager siden
  • Small correction on ~2:40. It was not the equadorians that decided to throw Julian Assange. The president took a massive loan from IMF, then some time later let british to take him off embassy. There were protests in Equador, calling the president a traitor. With millions of dollars invested in spying him inside the embassy and outside, massive psychological pressure, etc. Asylum is also not something you should revoke willy-nilly... But the president that okayed the asylum was not reelected, the other president liked money too much.

    DequestoDequesto15 dager siden
  • Since Assange was mentioned Don’t extradite him and send him home to his family.

    Desmond BookerDesmond Booker15 dager siden
  • I realize this is a very intricate and delicate system for democracy but I can't think of an instance where diplomatic immunity should be observed when it comes to murder, or any other violent crime. I'd like to see embassy rights and privileges be amended with agreement from all participating countries.

    Robert EmersonRobert Emerson15 dager siden
  • Okay so you can kill people with a machine gun fom within the embasy and then people need permission to enter and arrest them? Lmao

    Toby JeanToby Jean16 dager siden
  • I’m from Bangladesh and we have a US diplomat in the capital of my country, where I’m from

    Zuhayr productions NetworkZuhayr productions Network17 dager siden
    • That’s quite logical, Bangladesh has the same in Washington.

      Ladey BabeyLadey Babey7 dager siden
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    Tom SdralisTom Sdralis17 dager siden
  • The indicator showing where is Palau is wrong. Palau is located East of the Philippine archipelago

    yamyam 29yamyam 2917 dager siden
  • Why Blink tho

    sabiq rusydisabiq rusydi18 dager siden
  • so I'm assuming most foreign countries' embassy personnel in the US got huge bonuses in 2020, when Trump turned the US into a third-world country in many ways

    Frank SmithFrank Smith18 dager siden
    • No, most countries don't like seeing another go down.

      Roses & ProgRoses & Prog7 dager siden
    • Lmao

      Ladey BabeyLadey Babey7 dager siden
  • One obvious mistake, Taiwan has never been committed to be a “country”!!!

    张泽宇张泽宇18 dager siden
    • ok chinese bot

      Amaçlı ÖmerAmaçlı Ömer18 dager siden
  • They should just have some women with large breasts handing out soft pretzels with fresh mustard to visitors and streetwalkers. Let's see how long their problems last in the midst of that sort of hospitality!

    Richard LopezRichard Lopez20 dager siden
  • Role of American embassies is the world is to spread anarchy in that country. So off course they want to fortify themselves with big walls.

    landwarrior82landwarrior8221 dag siden
    • This is because of the cold war, but you’re clearly ignorant and stupid

      Ladey BabeyLadey Babey7 dager siden
  • 1:41 I don't think Palau is there. It's more like east of Mindanao and north of Timor.

    Kimmalyn CleavewayKimmalyn Cleaveway21 dag siden
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  • Bro ,, you said north korea DPRK reflects how much you are scared of them..

    Unknown Officials 21Unknown Officials 2121 dag siden
  • Bitcoin trading is the best business in the world right now. You don't need to go to any embassy because its not in the government system.

    Oliver BenjaminOliver Benjamin22 dager siden
  • Hey, thank you for this informative video, I really appreciate your efforts. would you please make a video explaining how does an Ambassy take a descision on wether to give someone a travel visa or not. I am from Algeria, I have demanded a study visa to the United Kingdom, my demand was refused ! not once but three times! I provided the Ambassy with all the papers required: financial, insurance, college confirmation etc.."

    David Christopher the secondDavid Christopher the second22 dager siden
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    faasd ferfaasd fer22 dager siden
  • 11:23 I am reporting your vid for providing wrong geographical information of India - Pakistan Border

    i AM CHHABRAi AM CHHABRA25 dager siden
  • Me being from Costa Rica seeing how we qualify as a "hardship" country: Do we really look THAT bad?

    SnakeTheBoss13SnakeTheBoss1325 dager siden
    • No, it's because of all the US interventions in your area, it made Central America look like it's serving the US, it's not your fault. I hope they will stop this one day, they did so much damage.

      Roses & ProgRoses & Prog7 dager siden
  • curious of the UK embassy in NK... they don't seem the embassy type for western nations... there was a story a while back of Canada opting to play mediator between NK and the US; why not just have the UK be the mediator, as they actually have an embassy there...

    Edward NessEdward Ness26 dager siden
  • sometimes confused at whether ambassadors are politicians or not...

    Edward NessEdward Ness26 dager siden
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    bella dexonbella dexon26 dager siden
  • 2:52 That is just impossible, you can aloways search a bag, there are no unpickable locks

    XaverDerSchnitzelFanXaverDerSchnitzelFan28 dager siden
    • Did you miss a word before that. The bags cannot be siezed in the first place let alone be searched the host country do not have authority

      Joshua ValviJoshua Valvi26 dager siden
  • It's "Ponta Delgada" and not "Ponte Delgada", source: I'm Portuguese

    Mário AmaralMário Amaral28 dager siden
  • Bold to call COVID potentially the biggest challenge of our generation when climate change is costing more lives than COVID has every year and only getting worse.

    Rik KoningRik KoningMåned siden
  • So Yvonne Fletchers murder is a ‘misbehaving diplomat’ so disrespectful to her life!!!

    Kick NayKick NayMåned siden
  • Why is Palau in the Spratly Islands?

    HünréHünréMåned siden
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    jyuy djyuy dMåned siden
  • britains north korea embaysees is hilarous its just a normal house lol

    Amit KarkiAmit KarkiMåned siden
  • From a career US Embassy employee, "US citizens are the last people we want to see at the Embassy..." They feel their work is in furthering the US government's agenda abroad, not in assisting their own citizens. All you have to do is visit one during their very limited "US citizen hours" on top of being treated like a third class citizen by the local security staff that "greet" you at the entrance, to understand this to be true.

    TelluwideTelluwideMåned siden
  • Diplomatic bags that can not be searched. Seems kind of sus.

    Bradley GeimanBradley GeimanMåned siden
  • The night view of first-tier cities is so beautiful!

    Scare Away Pigeon dove BirdScare Away Pigeon dove BirdMåned siden
  • You showed a bunch of American embassies but didn’t show the coolest looking one in Ottawa.

    Roger SzmodisRoger SzmodisMåned siden
  • if a police officer enters an embassy, who will the embassy call? the police?

    double Lungdouble LungMåned siden
  • what is a burn and why is there an embassy

    FiNFiNMåned siden
  • Embassies also help their citizens if a crime is committed again them abroad. If you ever read the small text in your (at least American) passport, they're pretty clear that if you're a victim of a crime, you're supposed to go to them. That'll help with dealing with the language barrier with the police, and also increase the effort put into your case, more than if you were the victim of a similar crime in your home country. Because getting mugged by someone who didn't realize you were a visiting foreigner is still a diplomatic incident. Embassies also manage the visa requests of the country they're in for people who want to get into their home country.

    AbsolX GuardianAbsolX GuardianMåned siden
  • You get hardship pay for Malta? WTF?

    Tobias UnknownTobias UnknownMåned siden
  • If Wendover Productions designed an embassy it would be a plane flying in circles constantly being refuelled in the air from time to time.

    Andrew BergAndrew BergMåned siden
  • Living in dc, I should know this

    Ian SpringerIan SpringerMåned siden
  • When I was on a school camp to Canberra in Aus they drove us past all the embassies in a bus and talked about them. I distinctly remember the guards at the american embassy waving to us. I was in year 6, so 11. Nice memory

    Liv QuinLiv QuinMåned siden
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    Airline infoAirline infoMåned siden
  • Dude someone is pretending to be you TBH he is Half as interesting

    CybersorcererCybersorcererMåned siden
  • I am the ambassador. I'll kick your assador.

    _BRCooper_BRCooperMåned siden
  • 1:39 since when is Palau by Brunei?

    AcidMushTVAcidMushTVMåned siden
  • wouldn’t america be one of those hardship pay places because of the shitty healthcare

    Kayla MitchellKayla MitchellMåned siden
  • As a diplomat I laughed at some of the facts 😆

  • Wrong map of Kashmir showing in Pakistan. Instant dislike.

    Atharva DangeAtharva DangeMåned siden
  • Go dawgs!

    Jackson FoxJackson FoxMåned siden
  • Worth noting the US diplomats in London owe pounds in parking or driving fines amounting to more than £116M which they refuse to pay, claiming they aren't obliged to follow UK law! Which is bullshit, but it's difficult to prosecute them. Yet another case of the USA not respecting the law!

    psammiadpsammiadMåned siden
  • I used to live just down the street from the North Korean embassy and walked past it every morning to get to school xD

    Cameron EridanCameron EridanMåned siden
  • In other words the more of the brown people the less embassies are needed

  • England should have responded to an act of war by entering the embassy and killing everyone in there and bombing parts of Libya,

    Roger SzmodisRoger SzmodisMåned siden
    • Didn't the UK do the "bombing parts of Libya" thing when Gadiffi was overthrown?

      N. M.N. M.Måned siden
  • If that shooting happened in MERICA you would have heard the BRRRRRRRT of an AT- warthog before the sirens of police. Brits are to nice

    Blue Dragon GamingBlue Dragon GamingMåned siden
    • A seal team would have exterminated the residents of the embassy and Tripoli would have been on fire that night.

      Roger SzmodisRoger SzmodisMåned siden
  • 1:40 that's not palau...

    SteaksAreAwesomeSteaksAreAwesomeMåned siden
  • When you said "Palau", you highlighted some random spot off the coast of Brunei and Malaysia. Palau is in the Pacific, on the other side of the Philippines.

    Zhen ShopsZhen Shops2 måneder siden
  • @wendover productions you misplaced palau at around !:35-1:40 the one you placed a pin on is Palawan, Philippines. an island in the Republic of the Philippines. Palau is in somewhere around the middle of the pacific

    Celecitax errorCelecitax error2 måneder siden
  • As a kid, I had a neighbor 2 doors down that I was best friends with, but our parents refused to interact with each other much beyond waving and saying hello. It wasn't until like 5 years ago that I realized that they didn't have a problem with each other, it was because my dad worked *a specific government job* and my friend's dad worked in the Nigerian embassy in DC and they were afraid of getting in trouble if it was found that they were hanging out

    RoberturtRoberturt2 måneder siden
    • What was that *specific* government job?

      N. M.N. M.Måned siden
  • I was a Marine Security Guard in Dakar, São Paulo, and Bangkok 03-07. It was such a great experience! Great video!! You really did a great job with the research.

    Aaron BrouseAaron Brouse2 måneder siden
  • 8.33 i feel like i have seen that house before.

    Stach manStach man2 måneder siden
  • 9:11 damn, soldiers over 9 feet tall

    Sandra CollinsSandra Collins2 måneder siden
  • So you could technically be murdered in the embassy and you would have to call the police, of the foreign country. (Moral here if your at risk never go to embassies)

    Country RoadsCountry Roads2 måneder siden
  • Let's not forget that citizens traveling abroad might need to visit their embassy for any number of reasons like needing help getting home during an emergency.

    Michael ShieldsMichael Shields2 måneder siden
  • So let's suppose this happens: For some reason, be it espionage or pure madness, a country's embassy decides to set fire to their chancery (probably to burn incriminating evidence/documents). We've already established that firefighters cannot enter the building, but of course, they can't just let the building continue to burn, and spread to neighboring buildings. So, as an alternative, the firefighters use the water cannons on their trucks to help put the fire out. Does that still count as entry?

    Liam WeaverLiam Weaver2 måneder siden
  • I've been to the DPRK embassy in Berlin that is shown in the beginning. It's an unbelievably creepy building that gives off eerie vibes. There used to be a hostel on embassy grounds (really) which was shut down by the city and now it's just sitting there empty, some windows still open, which makes the whole complex even creepier.

    ladderzombieladderzombie3 måneder siden
  • Is it just me or is someone else watching this because they live in an embassy

    jorkopeisctjorkopeisct3 måneder siden
  • 6:28 go dawgs

    Ryan EckRyan Eck3 måneder siden
  • What I don't understand is why Assange wasn't taken in a diplomatic bag or box or something.

    Komrade BigTex sucksKomrade BigTex sucks3 måneder siden